Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Good and Bad

Yes two weeks and we our off on Caribbean cruise. Yes just me and Jason. Thank You Beau and Stef for keeping our kids.
The bad It was not Boston this time in the dentist chair. It was me yesterday and the dentist pulled my tooth out. Not fun at all.

We our sleeping nice and comfy in our own bed after a long 10 day vacation.

Baseball season has started again. Between the 3 boys only 8 practices this week. Tired all ready and it only the first week.

The good not sharing a to small hotel anymore with our kids in San Diego. Next time we our springing for two rooms.

We our missing the warm beaches and our room right on the beach.

We our missing the great turn down service every night and the chocolate that was left on our pillows every night.

The bad we came home and Boston's bird Blue was sick. I took it out of the cage and had him hold it to make it feel better. It turned it's head around and died Right in Boston hand. The poor kid sat and cried and cried. Lucky grandma brought Blue Junior down and saved the day.

The bad stepping on the scale after a 10 day vacation.

Transfers and losing Elder Holt House Brielle told everyone he was her boyfriend and can't figure out why he never comes by anymore.

The worst is all the laundry that seems to come with vacation. Just a little of our week.


sandy said...

loved the post!

Hopie said...

Ohhhhh that pile of laundry makes my heart race with excitement!!!!!! Can I come down and do it for you?

pendant lighting said...

Cute pictures!