Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 5 All Day at sea

Today was a great day. We spent most of the day up on the balcony laying out in the sun. Jason Dressed up for the occasion. He walked out and I said do I really have to be seen with you.

Thank goodness for a outfit change

We ate and ate and ate

We did a ton of swimming. Jason spent the afternoon on these water slides. Me I went down them once. I stood up at the bottom of the slide there stood 30 guys and a husband at the top laughing he butt off. My strap had broke to my suit and there I stood topless. I was so embarrassed. So I pretty much stayed clear of them after that.

Our Last day

We headed off the boat quite early and boarded are shuttle back to the airport in Houston. It was a quick 2 hour drive. OK a very long 2 hour I'm squished in this bus with all these people ride.

We said Goodbye to our ship and welcomed the Houston airport.

We sat down and grabbed a bite to eat and our waiter says to us I bet I known where you guys just came from. We both looked down at our shirts and we were both wearing our shirts we bought in Cozumel. I swear Jason and I play the tourist part 100% nerdy.

We had all sorts off baggage problems as we tried to leave Houston today. First our bags were to heavy. So we had to adjust and add another bag. I guess to many souvenirs. Then Jason's carry on kept going off every time they tried to take it threw. But we made it.

We our home yea, We had a ball and are already planning our next one. This time we went with carnival. We were not so happy with them. We have liked Royal Caribbean in the past. So I think we will stick to them in the future. Thank you so much Beau and stef for keeping our kids. You did a great job.


sandy said...

looks like to had a wonderful time I'm glad you got to go. loved Jason's outfit and all the pictures.

Zitting Zoo said...

It looks like you had a super fun time! i love all the pics!

Cluff Family said...

Ha Ha! LOVE all the pictures.....Jason you are a nerd :) But that's why we love ya! Looks like you had a great time!!!! I'd love to go see all those ruins someday too! We are hoping to make it on a cruise.....but probably won't be for a few more years! Glad you had a great time!!!!

Lisa said...

Wow! How fun! I am so jealous! I need a vacation. It looks like you had a ton of fun. Sorry, about your swimsuit!!