Sunday, August 14, 2011

A neat weekend

This weekend has been pretty neat. It was our Stake Conference. We had a special speaker coming it was Elder Cook one of the 12 apostles. He did a amazing job. He spoke on sat night to us at the adult session and then at the priesthood session then at the main session. He placed a special blessing over are valley. Our Valley is what we call it has been really hit hard with people losing there jobs and there homes. It is beginning to look in a lot of places like a ghost town. People are moving out by the handful because they can't afford the gas into town. He said in his blessing things will get better and we will be blessed. It was really neat to hear him and his wife speak. I snapped a picture of the kids before going today. Baxter got to sit up on the stand and sing. The aaronic priesthood have been practicing for the last little bit and got to sing a few songs today. They sounded amazing. Even Elder Cook commented on them.

a story was even told about our wards Young Women. 
I guess I never have told anyone about are trip down the river and what happened.
Well when we went down the sevier river this summer with the yw the river was really high it was fast and at flood stage. The boat I was on had a pretty new guide
I thought he did a great job and the girls liked the looks of him.
Anyways about half way down the river Jason threw a necklace into us just messing around.

The guide went after it and before we knew it he had floated down the wrong side of the river. we hit a rock and one of the yw flew out of the boat. The look on her face was so sad. A scared to death look as she tried to grab our paddles to get back in she missed all of them. We began to travel down stream and are guide said someone else will have to get her. We all were sad to leave her behind. 

Here she is wandering alone
A brand new beehive and her first year at camp

 The boat behind us the last boat came down the river and saw her. There guide said we will not be able to reach her. but with a little determination and some strong hands and loud voices they made it over to her. Here she is getting into there boat.

 How happy they were to have her back
 Here we are without her
 and eventually we were able to catch up with the other boat and get her back
They likened it today as leave know one behind. That people get lost at times and sometimes they need are help to come back. My take on it  is sometimes life throws things at you that you never thought would happen. And threw the help of Heavenly Father and others you can make it threw. They talked a lot about listening to the spirit and were it guides you. How services helps in ways you may never know. I can't tell you how many times when I've had a hard day for what ever reason. I've had a knock at the door with some random person there bringing me cookies or I get a call from someone or a nice email or a nice comment on my blog that just makes my hole day. I think I need to listen sometimes better to the spirit when I'm inspired to call someone or go see them.


Spencer and Mindy said...

heidi, that is awesome. what an amazing blessing for your lil valley, a d the people living there. *that poor lil beehive. but what a lesson you all learned from it. awesome.

sandy said...

What a special experience to hear an Apostle. What an amaziong feeling it must of been. The kids picture is very nice.