Monday, August 1, 2011


Lately we have had a lot going on. Last week pretty much just sucked. I honestly can't think of a better word then that. We got mostly moved. Just two storage units to go and cleaning the last place. Did i mention it has been so hot. Moving when it is hot is not fun at all. Jason back is done and not just a little, My back well i did something to it during the move and I spent Sunday evening visiting the chiropractor. Very nice of him to take care of me on Sunday. I'm pretty much down for a few days.
I know in a week or so everything will be put away and things will be back to normal again. It is just hard to see right now. I hate moving and I hope this is the last move for a very long time we have to make.

I also would like to mention that I love our new home. Love it. It has so much room. Something we have been lacking on for a while now. I smile every time I get up and have been loving cleaning and putting things away.

Bristol has been enjoying her new room. We finally moved her out of our room and in her own room and crib she goes. The funny thing is. She has slept threw the night ever since. I should of done that along time ago.

Here she is nice and bright eyes the first morning after braving the night by herself
 Something I would like to remind myself never to do ever again is refinish Kitchen cabinets. Never again. It took me so long. They did turn out pretty good. But i don't know if it was worth it. The cabinets were already white. But they were 40 years old. They had redid them once but they needed to be done again. So I refinished 48 doors and drawers. I don't know what I was thinking

 The kids have been having a blast playing on the stairs. Bristol has even mastered climbing up them. I'm looking for some safety gates for my stairs if any one has any suggestions on some good ones i would love to here about them.

 The Elders came over on Saturday to help with a few things. Number 1 Jason safe. It is so heavy. it always takes a lot of hands to move that thing.

 We also had this shade we had bought for the place we were renting. We decided we would take it with us. mostly because it is so hot were we live and it is great shade for everything. So with some help up it went on the trailer.

 A early 5am morning trip to our new house to avoid any traffic and there we have it a great shade.
 Here is a little look at the kitchen cabinets and how they turned out. Once i get my kitchen all together I will post some pictures. We changed all the hinges and knobs from bright gold to brown. Much better.
 Bristol enjoyed her first peanut butter and jelly sand which. I know your suppose to wait until there one to try peanut butter but i figured she is the size of a 2 year old  it will be ok. She ate the whole thing. She loved it and then wanted more. What a mess she made.
 Brielle has had her little friend over to play and they were princess today having a chip and water party. Because tea is bad for you they said. There conversation today. Monroe do you like boys? yes she said Brielle do you like boys? Yes I'm going to get married when I'm 50 my dad said and then I can have 5 kids won't that be so fun.
 These two are to much fun together
 So after a long tired week we are just like brielle today. Tired and in a mess. Everyone has been asking for pictures of the house I will post them as soon as i get things put away and together.


sandy said...

Wow! Looks like you've been so busy. What a big job. Hope your all feeling better. Remember I am just a call away.

sandy said...

P.S. The cabinets sure look great and worth all that hard work you did.

Tiffany said...

The cabinets look awesome! I love the dining room too. Call us and we'll come help you put stuff away. The big girls are going to be with their grandparents for 2 weeks.

Unknown said...

Crazy busy! You've done a great job on the cabinets, can't wait to see the rest of the house! Take care of yourselves.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh i'm so sorry your BOTH having back problems! (not fun when trying to move!) :( but what cute cute cute girls! love that brielle wont be getting married til she's 50 and THEN have 5 kids... hee hee! and yay bristol for sleeping in your crib all night long! hopefully you are recovering well and getting some MUCH needed down time! *i missed you guys at the reunion, it wasn't the same without jason and his fire building skills! ;)
GREAT job on your refinishing job, i bet that was TONS of work!!
good luck with the rest of the unpacking. can't wait to see pics of the rest of your NEW home!! how exciting! Love you guys!!!