Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soaking in the last days of summer

We are in the last week of summer around here. School starts next week. We are trying to cram a lot in. This summer seemed to go so fast. But i'm ready to get back to my schedule and a few quite days.

The other day while School shopping they had all the pools marked clear down. We had been waiting for them to drop and when they did we took full advantage and picked one up. The kids have been having a blast along with there friends. Especially sense we have broke some records this week in heat.

Bristol is such a little water baby, she loves the water and usually cries when she has to get out.

 Brielle has never had any fear.
 Bridger did not want his picture taken. He is turning into a little man.

 Boston and his friend enjoying otter pops.

 Brielle is in Cheer Camp all week and been loving it. I have a ton of cute picture's I will share at the end of the week. The girl's hand she is holding is Mackenzie. She use to be in our ward. Brielle has loved her ever sense she could walk and would always go sit on her lap during church. Every time she See's her now she runs up and gives her the biggest hug. She also babysits her. She is in heaven this week with Mackenzie by her side. Today was dress up day were they were suppose to dress up crazy if that explains her outfit.
 We said goodbye to one of Our elders. Elder Reese. We really liked him a lot.  They came over to share Boston Birthday with him and a course have cake. He is the one boston is standing by..
Well we have a lot of things going on this week I will share latter in the week. Until then we will be soaking in the sun.


Anonymous said...

sweet finially a day to relax this summer cant wait to get home and a few days off love ya dad baker

Spencer and Mindy said...

what an awesome pool!! our neighbor has one like that and we LOVE to go over and swim! :) enjoy your last few days of summer! wish we could of come down and seen you guys and your new place (it seems really nice, can't wait for more pics {hint hint}) hee hee Love you guys!

*and love brielle's 'crazy' cheer outfit. so fun!

sandy said...

Cool pool! glad you can cool down. I bet the kids are looking (not) to next week.