Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boston is 9

Happy 9th Birthday Boston

 Boston is the sweetest my loving little guy, he always has been. he is always smiling and happy.
 He still and always has been attached to my hip.
 I always know were Boston is. He follows me around all day Saying mom mom mom mom.
 He loves his little blanket he has ever sense he was born. He still drags it everywhere.
 Boston is very very soft spoken. He loves hugs. He loves anything with sugar, Chocolate milk and Lego's. He loves playing with his friends.
 He is such a sweet little kid and we our so glad he is part of are family.

 Happy Birthday little buddy we love you
 Hope you have a great Birthday


Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday BOSS You are a you are a super cool young man and always make me proud to be your dad I Love ya man..DAD

Zitting Zoo said...

Happy Birthday Boston! the ZittingZoo all love you!! i hope all your birthday wishes come true!

sandy said...

We love you so much Boston! Your such a special Boy and we love spending any time we can with you!
Happy Birthday.

Spencer and Mindy said...

happy bday boss!! wow, you were so tiny. what a sweet cute kiddo you ARE!! you look soooo grown up in your scouting uniform. hope you had a grear bday... oh and AWESOME cake. did you make it, heidi?? yummm

Cluff Family said...

Happy Late Birthday Boston! You are a super cute kid!!! I do think of you whenever I see an afghan blanket ;)

Heidi...WOW you guys have been busy, I finally caught up with your blog and you guys are awesome! Can't wait to come see the new place and enjoy some of your garden :) Hope ya'll are doing well!! WOW, I also can't believe Baxter is playing 8th grade football! He is getting so old!! I remember ditching seminary so I could see him at the hospital just after he was born :)