Monday, August 8, 2011

A little what we been up to.

I had a few hours on my hands so I straighten Brielles hair. Let me refraze that Brielle has drove me nuts for weeks months years she wants her hair straight like all of her friends like Rapunzel's. She does not understand why hers is so curly. I tell her everyday how lucky she is to have the hair she does. She loves when I straighten it. But it takes like two hours. and it still does not go all the way straight. But it keeps her happy for a short time.

Football season has officially started. Baxter and his friend, I caught them drinking pop the other day. It is off limits while playing Football. So i had to snap a picture. Don't you just love the two pans of tator tots yes the ate them all. I'm starting to feel like I have a few more men in the house and not boys.
Did I mention Baxter is playing 8th grade football this year that means next year at this time he will be playing freshmen football. Am I really that old.

We have been working in our garden and getting it ready for the fall garden. We will be planting corn and squash this week. We had to till it all up and pull out all the watermelon vines here is just 1/4 of the vines. we have like 50 watermelon right now.
I don't know what Brielle was doing with tools in her hands. I'm sure she was up to no good
Bristol is good as long as she can see what is going on. She is always so sweet

Boston well he likes to pretend he is working. Mostly so no one will ask him to do anything.
Bridger lucked in to getting to till most of the garden. He really enjoyed it,

Boston still trying to pretend he is busy
Brielle and Trigger playing


Anonymous said...

Wow what fun learning the gardening ropes with a winter / year round grow.. Thanks for all my hot wife and hard workin kids do to keep life moving.. I LOVE you guys.and gals jason

sandy said...

Looks like your up to fun projects. those Boys are turning into such great help. Even Boston. Brielle sure has pretty long hair and Bristol is so cute and sweet. Looks like your enyoying the house I'm so glad.

Zitting Zoo said...

wow-you are all so busy! everything looks great! can't wait to see more pics!-we all can't believe brielle's hair is so long!