Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheer Camp

Brielle had a blast this week at cheer camp. I think if she could go cheer for 3 hours every morning like she has this week she would just be in heaven.

 Yesterday they had a performance for the parents. She did two dances and two cheers. She did a great job. All smiles for her.
 I love this picture of these boys. Baxter had football practice during the performance and was told to come inside when he was done to watch his sister dance. Along with half of the football team so they could watch there sisters. But when they finally made it in there it was almost over and the girls there age were dancing. This is the look from all of them Mom you did not tell me there was girls my age in here.

 Brielle graduated from Cheer Camp and got her spirit stick
 Brielle was so funny threw all of this watching her. I had told Jason how well she was doing . So he went with me to drop her off. We were watching at the door. I could not figure out why she was not doing anything. All of a sudden she came over to us in a sweet little voice and said. Would you please leave. She did not want us watching her. She is a funny girl.
 I'm going to start her in a few weeks in a Minnie cheer group. She is so excited.
 She loved hanging out with her friends every day.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh my goodness! she is FULL of cuteness!! and i love how the boys come in and stare.. haa haa! (and sophee doesn't usually let us watch her 'perform' either) stinkers! ha.

sandy said...

So glad you get to enjoy some of the girlie things. Brielle is one adorable little girl.